In order to build high quality slitter shafts, spindles for metal forming machines and work-roll-mandrels for milling pipes and tubes is request particular attention during the project and building phase to avoid cracks due to overheating of the traverse key edge, splines and holes.

For these reasons B.S.A. looks for an agreement with the customer to projet a good machining and heating treatment cycle for guarantee a perfect result in machining phase. The know-how offerd to B.S.A. customers is based on long experiences achieved in the heat treatments field and kept up-to-date according to the new market trends.

Production steps

It is recommended use forged steel, quenced and tempered after rough-machining; 100% U.S. controlled after heat tretment and magnetoscopic after induction hardening. Both machining and heating treatments are made inside our companies (TERMOSTAHL + B.S.A.) so that it is possible guarantee the right machining cycle and the tests in every production step.

The results are noted on the job-orders and a conformity certificate is supplied with the work-pieces that are punched with our trademark. Logo Termostahl

Turning - Boring - Milling
Grinding - Polishing
Medium frequency
Induction Hardening
Surface hardness control
with portable tester
100% magnetoscopic inspection
after Induction Hardening
at the keys edge
Spindles hardened and controlled
ready for the further Grinding step
Final Grinding and Polishing step

Most used material grades are noted in the next table, further grades are availables for the satisfaction of particular customer requests.

16CrNi4 1.5919 Carburizing and tempering
HRC 58÷62
Work roll mandrels
for milling pipes and tubes
34NiCrMo16 1.2766 Q.T. + induction hardening
HRC 52÷56
Work roll mandrels
for milling pipes and tubes
Q.T. + induction hardening
HRC 56÷60
Slitter and metal forming
spindles and shafts
90MnVCr8 1.2842 Q.T. + induction hardening
HRC 58÷62
Slitter shafts with heavy duty
working performances or
automatic knives handling

Shafts grinding is executed with very high precision, in particular great attention is involved to guarantee lower out-of-roundness ( also less than 5 µm),the perpendicularity with the planes (2÷3 µm) and the surface finishing ( until to Ra 0.10 µm)

Slitter shafts
Steel: 42CrMo4 forged and Q. + T.
Induction Hardening: HRC 58÷60, deep: 4÷5 mm
Out of roundness less than 0.005 mm
Roughnees: Ra 0.25 µm