Tye bars for moulding presses and diecasting

In the field of machines for plastic moulding B.S.A. is specialized in building components with cylindrical geometry as shafts, pins, lockrings and tye bars.
The high quality production and the service offered allow to our customer of receiving the pieces ready to be mounted, enclosured the supply of steels and relative heat treatments.

Tye-bars Production

ø 30 - ø 300x7000 mm


Tollerance: ISO f7
Roughness: Ra 0.20 ÷ 0.40 µm
Straightness: 0.02 x 1000 mm
Chromium coating
Medium Frequency Induction Hardening

Workpieces examples:

Raw materials at store: hot rolled and peeled bars
Induction Hardened tye-bars ready for the further machining cycles
Chromium plated and Induction Hardened tye-bars.

The high specialization in this field allows us to supply not only tye-bars, but also the relative lockrings, shafts for the cross-head and the knee-pins for the mould blocking system.The steel grade is suggested from the customer, all the machining cycle carried out inside our companies while some heat treatments executed in subcontractoring; all pieces are tested and guaranteed by our punched trademark.

Production of Shafts - Knee Pins - Lockrings