Our Company

Termostahl s.r.l. is a specialized and highly qualified company in the field of induction hardening treatments for high, medium and low frequency.

The experience gained in many years of activity, combined with the continuous updating resulting from technological progress, has made it possible to achieve prestigious results in terms of quality and reliability.

We are regularly working with partners in the railway, automotive, Navy, offshore and aeronautical sectors.

Our Plants

We have more than 20 induction hardening plants with power from 7 to 800 kw, some of them with automatic frequency search. We use automatic and robotic equipments, furnaces for preheating and stress-relieving.

Moreover, magnetic crack detector workbench is present for the control of linear defects. We take care of induction treatment of multiple types of products, from the dies for automotive industry to blades for the same sector; from linear guides for machine tools to shafts for linear guidance system and ball screws.

We handle cams, worm screws, wheels for bridge cranes, cylinders, camshafts, bushings, pins, bolts, etc.


Founded in 1954 by our grandfather Rag. Franco Rigamonti, it was the realization of his intuition that made him a pioneer in the industrialization of induction hardening in Italy.

His entrepreneurial inspiration subsequently involved the son-in- law Sergio Galeotti who developed the activity in a market characterized by an increasing demand.

Currently Termostahl s.r.l. is part of an Italian industrial group that worldwide exports mechanical high precision components treated by induction hardening.

We three Franco’s grandchildren, engineer Marco, engineer Stefania and engineer Valentina, are now together leading the companies of the group: